The Healing Resource of the Parent Child Bond




This 2-hour, professional APT Approved training utilizes current neuroscience on child brain/nervous system development to support a healing child/guardian bond. Learning objectives include:

  • Identify a sampling of research which encourages parent/child attuned attachment for play therapy treatment
  • Utilize 3 assessments for co-regulation and attachment dysfunction
  • Discuss relevant neuroscience regarding brain development, nervous system, and trauma impact
  • Identify and utilize at least 5 practical tools to successfully include parents in the trauma-informed regulation process
  • Access and utilize many free, relevant handouts to use in your own practice!

This course is a good fit for:

  • Play therapists who work with children who have experienced trauma
  • Play therapists who desire to incorporate the parent in treatment
  • Professional therapists/counselors interested in expanding knowledge regarding play therapy
  • Professional therapists/counselors needing practical support to assess and heal attachment wounds
  • Professional therapists/counselors interested in the research behind latest parenting recommendations

*Disclaimer: This content is intended as a professional training resource, NOT for personal household use. If you are a parent or caregiver, please see course list for a training tailored for you!


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